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Recently, Len Friesen, the National Director of Legacy Coalition Canada, shared this about the work of LCC with our Fellowship National president, Steve Jones.  Len Friesen shared…

Legacy Coalition Canada is a ministry that is helping grandparents have a greater impact on their families. We help grandparents grow in their biblical role by offering resources and events, equipping them to grandparent with purpose. We seek to help connect the generations so they engage with one another in loving, trusting relationship, and encourage each other to wholeheartedly follow Christ.  Deuteronomy 4:9b (NIV) says, “Do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them fade from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them.”

Culture is saturating our young people, our grandchildren with unbiblical ideas more than ever before. That’s why Legacy Coalition Canada is committed to equip Christian grandparents just like you and me to be intentional and focused on the most important thing—that is, passing on our faith to our grandchildren. Our reach through Legacy Coalition Canada simply is a fraction of what could or should be. Imagine thousands, hundreds of thousands of Christian grandparents leaning into their biblical calling, intentionally discipling their grandchildren, realizing their potential for spiritual impact. It is our prayer that our legacy of faith in Jesus Christ will outlive us in our grandchildren and the generations to follow.  Please visit for more information.

Legacy Coalition is helping grandparents have a greater impact on their families. We help grandparents grow in their biblical role through resources and events, equipping them to grandparent on purpose. We grandparent on purpose so our grandchildren’s grandchildren follow Christ. We create that impact by redefining grandparenting to align with what Scripture reveals. We convene the top leaders in Christian thought on grandparenting at the only national conference on grandparenting and make it available to churches to be simulcast in host sites across the country. We encourage and equip churches to launch grandparenting ministries in the local church through in-person, virtual, and digital seminars like Grandparenting Matters. This is a six-week video series that can be run during small group, or adult Sunday School. Another practical tool is through our free webinar called Grand Monday Nights where we have over 11,000 online guests every week. In these webinars, you will:

  • Get practical ideas and information on grandparenting
  • Learn how to nurture your grandchildren’s faith and overcome obstacles
  • Find encouragement through testimonies from other grandparents

We run two Grand Camps in Canada, where grandparents can come and spend the weekend learning, equipping, and encouraging them to engage with their grandchildren.