Children's Ministry

Children's Ministry

Children ages 4 to 11.

Children are a big deal to us. We want our children to thrive as they experience God, learn about the Bible and get to have fun with their friends. We are working hard at creating an environment for every age and phase, from birth through to grade seven.

We want to make sure our spaces are clean, safe and secure so you can have peace of mind as a parent. 

We staff each classroom with incredible volunteers who get to know each child or teen personally, building a relationship that helps reinforce the kind of faith and truth you as a parent share with your kids.

Parents can sign their children using a secure service known as Kid Check. You can sign you child up through your phone or when you arrive on a Sunday morning. Families will be greeted by one of our staff and volunteers who will ensure the child is welcomed, informed and excited about what they will experience that day.


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Christmas is Coming

We are excited to announce that Cornerstone Kids, will be singing one Christmas song during the service for the month of December.  In order to do this, the kids need to be practicing at home throughout the week. A... Read More


iParent Event

We are super excited to announce that Maple Ridge Community Church is going to be hosting an i-Parent seminar with Dr. Dave Currie of Doing Family Right on November 23 and 24. They wanted to extend an invitation to... Read More

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Dig In Curriculum

On September 23, 2018, our Cornerstone Kids began their new curriculum called Dig In. This year's focus will be on discipleship and what that means for our kid's daily lives.  We are very excited about this... Read More