What is our VISION?

We see a church of influence in Albion, so unique that it cannot be ignored, so passionate that it will not be confined to a single congregation or community, transforming people’s lives by the power of God.  We see a church that is…

Growing larger and deeper by multiplication, building a healthy home base with a passion to start vibrant churches.

Creating a loving family of God; a place of safety where questions are welcomed and where truth and love are shared.

Lifting genuine worship and prayer that touches heaven and changes lives on earth freeing people to experience God’s best.

Training and equipping leaders to impact their homes, churches, communities and the world.

Encouraging young adults and young families to have influence and lead our church into the future.

Serving  their community through genuine relationships and participation in community life.

Investing their time, talents and finances to share the Gospel in practical ways with those in need throughout the world; blessing others because we have been so blessed.

Striving to be inclusive - blind to colour, background, race, or status.

Doing life together in small groups that laugh, learn, serve, and support each other.

Believing that their best days are ahead.