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What does one do with almost two-hundred pounds of butter?  The question sounds udderly ridiculous, unless you are packing almost two hundred food hampers for struggling families.  Recently, Cornerstone contributed butter to the food hampers that are being arranged by our local school district.  Staff and volunteers are assembling and delivering much needed groceries to student families who are experiencing difficulty making ends meet during this pandemic.  Cornerstone was made aware of this opportunity to help through Dennis Hemminger, who serves with Youth Unlimited in Maple Ridge.  Dennis and his co-workers report that it has been difficult to care for teens during the restrictions as a result of COVID-19.  Of course, Zoom and other technologies provide some means of sharing the love of Christ with students.  Added to this is the practical expression of hope found in food hampers.  Let’s pray that God will continue use our YU friends who are creatively seeking to share the Good News with teens and their families in our community.