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This past Saturday a group of leaders from Cornerstone crossed over the Golden Ears Bridge to meet with members of our Fellowship Pacific ministry team.  We were so blessed by the encouragment and insights of David, Lara, and Todd who guided us in a discussion about making disciples.  Creating a clear, intentional, disciple making pathway for Cornerstone is not a new project.  But this workshop helped us make another big step forward as we were equipped and guided in the steps required.

What's the "Big Idea"?

Every church needs to have a discipleship plan.

What are the components?

Disciple making requires intentionality (strategic plan) and motivation (responsive hearts).

Please keep praying with us as we take next steps in mapping out the direction, sequence, and movement which is necessary to help followers of Jesus move joyfully and fully through the growth stages of being a disciple.

Another encouragement at this time is the begginging of a new Home Group!  At Cornerstone, Home Groups provide the community context which is so essential in our work of making disciples who make disciples.  If you live in East Maple Ridge or Mission and you are interested in being involved in a Home Group, talk to Jamie Bruins.  He will be starting a Home Group which will meet in their new home in the Silverdale area.