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The book of Nehemiah documents the way in which God empowered His people to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem five centuries before the birth of Christ.  Under Nehemiah’s leadership, the Israelites not only renewed the city but also rededicated themselves to God.  This book is a challenge to every believer to be actively engaged in building God’s Kingdom, regardless of detours or delays.  On several occasions, Nehemiah and his team hit a roadblock.  Rather than allow these "recalculating" experiences to derail his mission, Nehemiah not only watched God win the day, but he grew deeper in his relationship with God in the process.

Old Testament scholar F. F. Bruce described Nehemiah as “a man of simple piety and single-minded resolution”.  His assignment and adversaries would have challenged the best of men.  But Nehemiah displayed a deep and deliberate dependence upon God.  As a result, his story is not just about a building project.  It is also a powerful primer on prayer.  Over the next weeks, we will examine eight prayers found in Nehemiah to learn how to live with a posture of dependence.