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At Cornerstone the month of March is the time to discern our leadership needs for the coming year.  At our 2018 Annual General Meeting a Nominating Team was elected and they soon will begin prayerfully seeking nominations.  Members will first receive a nomination form.  Once names have been submitted, there will be a process of discernment and conversation.  There will be an opportunity to approve the nominees at our CELEBRATION SUNDAY and Annual General Meeting on May 26, 2019.  If you have any questions about our nomination process, please contact a member of our Nominating Team.

We recognize that none of us have reached the point where we are perfect in our relationship with the Lord, our family, or a lot of other things.  However, I Timothy 3:10 instructs us to “test” those who would give leadership in the church.  In fact, in I Timothy 3 we have a very helpful list of qualifications for church leaders.  So our Nominating Team will be accepting nominations during March, praying, and interviewing individuals in April in light of those biblical qualifications, and then recommending nominees to serve on our Leadership Team.