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Heather McBride from WomanCare Pregnancy Centre has written to share her thanks for support, both prayer and practical.  She writes, "Our Christmas Blessing was a smashing success! Through your generous giving, we received $5,600 in monetary donations, $700 in gift cards, more than 80 packages of baby wipes, and over 2900 diapers! These gifts are a huge blessing to us and our clients, and help ensure a strong start to 2021. Our clients are also very grateful for your prayers and support. Because of you, they know there is a safe place where they can find comfort and compassion when they are feeling alone and afraid. One client, wanted to express her thanks to our donors and she wrote this, “To the donors, I would like to say you are really helping people out and making tough situations just a little bit easier and it is so appreciated! Please keep helping – it is making a difference.”