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At Cornerstone Neighbourhood Church we desire to have a culture in which emerging leaders are identified, encouraged, and nurtured.  Each year a Nominating Team is given the responsibility to prayerfully seeking out qualified leaders to serve on our Leadership Team for the next year.  This is not a process of looking for perfect people.  Rather, it is an opportunity to recognize those who are walking in a mature relationship with the Lord.

I Timothy 3:10 instructs us to “test” those who would give leadership in the church.  As a result, we have a process which involves discernment and careful consideration.   During the month of March our Nominating Team invites you to prayerfully consider someone you might nominate for serving on the Leadership Team.  You can download a nominating form below.  Please remember, our By-Laws require that only members in good standing are eligible to make nominations or be nominated to serve on the Leadership Team.

In April the Nominating Team will interview the nominees.  Once they have been affirmed by the Leadership team, the nominees will be announced and then affirmed at our annual meeting at the close of May.   If you have any questions, please contact one of the members of our Nominating Team – Guy Cramer, Sarah Chapin, Norm Knuff, Pat Hayward, and Pastor Brent.