"Kick Off Was A Huge Success"

It was a joy to see such a great crowd at the Presber's house last Sunday afternoon.

I saw people reconnecting after a summer of travel. I saw new families meeting new families and new families meeting old families.

We had a baptism, delicious food and over 20 people involved in a game of Slip-and-slide-Kiddie-Pool-Kick-Ball. 

Our children's director, Manuela Silva commented on the event:

I enjoyed seeing people just sitting together and talking. Nobody had their phones out. They were just enjoying each other, the food and the beautiful weather.

I want to personally thank the Presber family for hosting the event, the Melacko family for taking care of the food and for the people of Cornerstone for making it so much fun.

This looks to be an amazing fall season in the life of Cornerstone Church. We started well. Let's build on it now.