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Do you long for authentic biblical community?  In such settings Christians can share safely and candidly, receiving care and support from understanding brothers and sisters.  In Matthew 18:20 we are promised the very presence of Christ in the midst of even two or three believers gathered.  At Cornerstone we desire to cultivate Home Groups which allow individuals the intimacy of fellowship in which they can explore and experience life in Christ with others.

During COVID-19 restrictions our Home Groups provide a "small bubble" environment.  In fact, we will be trying to incorporate technology.  One group will be completely virtual.  Other groups may have one or more members attend by Zoom as needed.

Home Groups are perhaps the most effective environment to develop a lifestyle of following Jesus.  This year we are adopting a format from Disciple Making Movements which is being used effectively to expand the Kingdom of God around the world.  The content for the group discussion will come from the same or similar scripture as used in the pastor’s sermon.   However, rather than being content focused, as in a themed Bible study, Home Groups will use similar questions each week to reflect on the passage.

What is the goal?  The purpose of this format will be to seek God's transformation by each participant developing an "I will" statement.  These are designed to lead people into specific steps of obedience and outreach during the week.  In this way, Home Groups truly help us "live and share the life of Jesus."  Are you interested?  You can sign up using the form below.

To consider the vital aspect of evangelism through small groups here is a very helpful video, featuring Dave Marttunen, who directs Fellowship International - DMM Principles.


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