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Sunday, September 27, is a day in which International Justice Mission asks churches around the globe to pray for the 40 million people who are held in slavery today.  IJM reminds us that There is no need to exaggerate the reality of the problem of slavery.  It is grave enough.  Consider the facts.

  • 1 in 4 slaves is a child. (Walk Free Foundation and International Labour Organization)
  • Human trafficking generates about $150 billion a year—two-thirds from commercial sexual exploitation. (International Labour Organization)
  • In 2016, a child went missing in India every 12 minutes. And 50% of missing children have not been found. (National Crime Records Bureau)

Currently, IJM is the largest international anti-slavery organization in the world with a vision to rescue millions, protect half a billion people, and make justice for the poor unstoppable.  IJM has rescued more than 49,000 people from oppression.  Today, they are helping local justice systems protect more than 150 million people from violence around the world.  IJM works where justice systems are unable to protect the oppressed from violence. This includes 19 communities around the world.  Since 2012, IJM has also trained more than 67,000 justice system officials to recognize and respond to violence.  They have seen more than 1,600 convictions against slave owners, rapists and other criminals. Please join us in praying with IJM for the vital work of seeking justice on behalf of the enslaved.  Visit to learn more.