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Prayer.  It is an activity that elicits many emotions from followers of Jesus.  We all know that we should do it.  But it doesn't always happen.  Practical pressures like time or deeper issues of inadequacy hinder us from entering into conversation with God.  One of the ways we are working to make prayer more accessible at Cornerstone is through our "Prayer Email".

We are so pleased that Nichole Czech has accepted the role as our Prayer Email Coordinator.  If you have a prayer request, please send it to Nichole at [email protected].  She will then send out the request to those on the prayer email list.  If you would like your name and email added to this list, please contact Nichole through the same email address.  As you make yourself available to receive requests you can trust God to help you grow in prayer! 

Sometimes I wake with dark and quiet around me

And swift across my vision, like a light

Flashes the face of one I know who suffers

Or one whom sorrow newly touched last night

Perhaps, for just that moment and that purpose

There lacks a link in God’s great chain of prayer

So, lest the chain be weakened by my silence

Or break because I fail to do my share

I shape the link and know the Spirit’s fire

Will forge it into place and weld it there

- Annie Johnson Flint