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Starting February 25 Cornerstone will be running a 10-week course called the Conquer Series. Although the course is designed specifically for men struggling with sexual addiction, we have found that the information and following discussions are helpful for anyone, man or woman, who is struggling or even just knows someone who is struggling with this problem.

This 10-week cinematic video series will:

  • Explore strongholds that keep people in bondage
  • Examine the neurochemistry of addiction
  • Discover the weapons and strategies of God
  • Investigate proven strategies to prevent relapse
  • Study practical daily techniques to remain free

For those that have concerns regarding the discussion of this sensitive topic, we will watch the videos together as a group and then split up into gender-specific small groups.

If you are interested and desire to attend, please contact David or Candace Epp at

More information will be posted soon for location, final dates, and times.