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Once, when Albert Einstein was asked how he worked he replied, “I grope.”  Even the most eminent minds will eventually confess to inadequacy when trying to fully grasp the mysteries of this world.  Currently, COVID-19 has our planet in a state of anxiety, fear, and grief.  In these confusing times it is very important that we take to heart the advice of Hebrews 12:3.  It is there that we are urged to “consider Jesus.”  Why?  Long before we faced the fears of a pandemic or any other peril or problem, Jesus Christ successfully navigated pain and suffering.  And amazingly, as a result of His death on the cross, eternal redemption from sin is now available for all of humanity.  Over the next few weeks our sermon series is titled “Look To Jesus”.  Yes, Easter celebrations this year will be quite different.  But the invitation remains the same – we must look to Jesus, and place our trust in all that He has accomplished in His death, burial, and resurrection!   

April  5  -  Look to Jesus for Significance

April 10 -  Look to Jesus for Confidence

April 12 -  Look to Jesus for Assurance

April 19 -  Look to Jesus for Endurance

April 26 -  Look to Jesus for Service