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When COVID-19 restrictions lift our worship service will be at Websters Corners Elementary School.  This part of east Maple Ridge is so named because in 1882 James Murray Webster came from Scotland to create a 160 acre homestead there.  The final “s” on Webster’s Corners is significant because in order to qualify for “Corners”, you had to have full intersection and nothing less.  Well, over the next weeks we are going to examine the “Four Corners of the Cross”.  Artists have expressed the symbol of the cross in a wide variety of ways.  For example, the Maltese Cross has eight points.  The Cross of Lorraine is used by the American Lung Association.  The Jerusalem Cross features four small Greek crosses in each corner of a central cross.  There are many more ways that Jesus’ cross has been crafted and celebrated over the centuries.  So it is easy to get lost in all the artistry and miss the point of Jesus' sacrifice.  So, we are going to turn to the Bible to explore four powerful explanations of the importance of the cross of Christ.  So much can be said about Jesus' immeasurable sacrifice.  But at the end of the day, we need is the truth of the cross for our daily life.  Join us as we uncover what the Apostle Paul wrote about the cross of Jesus Christ.