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On one hand it could not be simpler.  On the other hand, it could not be more demanding!  When Jesus invites us to follow Him, we are welcomed to give up everything to be His disciples.  At first glance, Mark seems simple, perhaps even a terse retelling of the story of Jesus.  But there is much to unpack!  In this concise Gospel we learn about the immense implications of responding to the call of Jesus “Follow Me”.

Over the twelve weeks leading up to Easter (April 4) we will survey selected passages in Mark’s narrative of Jesus’ life and ministry.  This book immerses us immediately into Jesus’ ministry.  It is not completely chronological and does not include Jesus’ nativity or genealogies.  Mark’s writing is brief and to the point.  He emphasized action, appropriate for Roman readers.  Over forty times he used the term “immediately” which highlights the servanthood of Jesus.  It also gives a sense of urgency within Mark’s Gospel.

What is so urgent?  The life and mission of Jesus beckons us to follow Him!    We know Mark from his failed attempt to accompany his cousin Barnabas and Paul on their missionary journey.  Later, he was restored to Paul who said of him, “he is helpful to me in my ministry” (II Timothy 4:11).  Maybe this time of failing to follow well motivated Mark to emphasize Jesus’ call to follow Him.    How about you?  Are you a follower of Jesus?  Are you faithful or faltering?  Please join us in this study of Mark.  It is sure to help us evaluate our engagement with the most profound invitation we will ever receive – “follow Me!”