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What's in a promise?  Expectation!  And when it comes to the promise of Christmas, we can be encouraged in our expectation.  Consider the themes of Advent:  love, joy, peace, faith, and hope.  These are the realities that are promised to us because of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ.  Tragically, the promise of modern Christmas festivities is all too often pressure, stress, or anxiety.  We all know too well how challenging it is to keep Christmas manageable and meaningful.

Novembrer 27 is the first Sunday of the Advent season.  As we enter this special time of year, you are invited to prepare your heart.  You are urged to make this a season of spiritual reflection and worship.  In the following weeks, you will have an opportunity to reorient your soul to the Person of Christmas, Jesus Christ.  He is the promised One.  Here are the teaching themes for this Advent...and you can download Advent readings below. 

November 27        Hope         "What’s In A Promise?"       II Peter 1:1-4

December 4          Faith           "Fearless Faith"                Matthew 1:18-25

December 11        Joy               "Songs of Joy"                   Acts 16:19-34

December 18        Peace           "Peace Is Possible"           Isaiah 26:1-21

December 24        Love              "Break Through"              John 3:16-21