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In the fall of 2019 our Children's Ministry Director, Manuela Silva, concluded her time serving our children and families.  At that time a "Cornerstone Kids Transition Team" was formed.  Little did we realize that this team would have to deal with an eviction from our facilities and a global pandemic!

They have done a stellar job of caring for kids at a distance.  They have created kid's content for our website and written a weekly letter, The Kids Corner.  They have delivered pizza boxes filled with Bible lessons and crafts.  Most importantly, they have interceded for our children and families.

June 28 marks the end of the current season of "Cornerstone Kids" in which we have provided weekly lessons on our website.  Howevere, there will be a Dig In @ Home page for July and one for August.  I especially want to say a huge thank you to the volunteers who have been helping to provide Cornerstone Kids ministry to your family:  Karen Dalby, Marleen Caswell, Rebecca Dick, Jordan Czech, and Louise Schmidt.