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The activity of doing “random acts of kindness” has been an interesting phenomenon to observe in our society.  In fact, according to the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, November 13 has been designated World Kindness Day.  When it comes to how God wishes to engage the Church in blessing our world, His work is not random.  There is a divine design.  Every follower of Jesus has been called and equipped to make a contribution to God’s Kingdom.  For three weeks we are borrowing the framework of the study Network (Bruce Bugbee & Don Cousins, Zondervan, 2005) which offers three lenses, if you will, through which we understand our place of service.  Our three sermons will be less of an exhaustive examination of specific spiritual gifts.  Instead, it will be a look at the way in which God equips believers uniquely and confirms them in their place of service.  First, comes the discovery of how God has gifted the believer, Next we will think about one’s personal style for serving.  And lastly, we will consider one’s God-given passion for serving in the body of Christ.

Your Spiritual Gifting – Romans 12:1-8       November 6

Your Personal Style – I Corinthians 12:12-26       November 13

Your God-given Passion – I Peter 4:7-11       November 20