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 Am I not sending you? - Judges 6:14            

What do we do when we see things that need change? God, why don’t you send someone to speak encouragement into that person’s life? Why don’t you send someone to tell them that their actions are putting their marriage in jeopardy? Who will support the widow as she grieves her loss? If we find ourselves asking these questions, we are probably the answer. Gideon offers an example of what it looks like to step out in faith despite being reluctant to do so. Israel needed to turn back to God. The Midianites had put them under immense oppression and they desired relief from their attackers. But what was taking God so long? Why wasn’t something being done? Gideon asked God these questions and he was given an answer in return. “Am I not sending you?” Through the story of Gideon we see God use a common person to lead His people back into relationship with Him. He wasn’t a person of power or position. He was afraid and he was cautious. The things God asked him to do made him uncomfortable. God showed patience with Gideon and Gideon responded by acting in faith. God requests many things from us as He did so with Gideon. Let us remember God’s provision and faithfulness to us so that we will have the confidence and faith to step out at God’s next call.

Starting in June we will be going through a five part series on the story of Gideon found in Judges 6-8.