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Last week I sat down at a Starbucks for an early morning meeting. The intensity and excitement that was generated during the next hour got me excited for the coming year at Cornerstone...especially if I was a student at Cornerstone Youth.

Now, I am many days in the rear-view mirror from my high school days but even I was listening to all their ideas and thought,

"That sounds like a lot of fun!"

As I talked more with Sebastian Silva and his wife, Robyn, I had another thought,

"These two are going to put together an amazing year of fun, and growing our youth to become stronger disciples of Jesus." 

This rock solid volunteer couple recently met with their team of volunteers who make up Cornerstone Junior and Senior Youth. They had an information meeting that informed these leaders about some of the changes that are being made and what to expect for the coming year.

The team was presented with the year-long calendar (which is available on this site). 

We have much to be thankful for as God has led Sebastian Silva to be the lead volunteer of this important ministry. 

Here is a statement from our board chair, Guy Cramer:

This year we have new younger leaders for both our Senior and Junior Youth Group, bringing increased vitality and passion for the kids and will make the groups an exciting, safe place for youth to meet, play games, learn and grow in the Bible and discover the Love that God has for us through the understanding of what His Son, Jesus, did for us. I've mentored both Sebastian Silva, the leader of the Senior Youth Group (Grades 8-12) and Manuela Silva (Grades 5-7) over the many years I've been involved in the Cornerstone Youth Groups.

Sebastian has previously led the Youth Group a few years ago and his Sister, Manuela is currently our Children's Director at Cornerstone. I can't think of two better people to take the reigns of our two Youth groups and make a greater impact on the lives of these kids during these most critical years of their lives. I will continue to be involved as a volunteer helper to both Sebastian and Manuela this year and look forward to the changes they have planned.

Sincerely, Guy Cramer, Chairman of the Board, Cornerstone Neighbourhood Church

Thank you, parents, for your support of these two (and all the leaders). They would appreciate your prayers, your buy-in to the program and your communication whenever you have questions.

It should be an amazing year for Cornerstone Youth.

Got a question about the year?

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