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Happy Canada Day!

What better way to celebrate our freedoms and privileges in this great land than with prayer.  So here are some exciting prayer opportunities for our church family this summer.

Park & Prayer

On July 12 and August 9 please come to Webster’s Corners Park for a summer prayer gathering at 6 pm.  Please bring your own beverage and a lawn chair.  We will have a very relaxed, socially distant time of fellowship and prayer.

Prayer Walking

Prayer walking is just as it sounds.  It means walking in your neighbourhood and asking God to bless those who live there.  Call it “stroll and supplicate” or “pray-ambulate”.  Whatever term you use, it is a great way to seek God’s on behalf of our community, which is our privilege and responsibility.  Click on the link below for a bookmark guide to help you in prayer walking around our community.

Pray Ridge Meadows

Through the summer the Prayer Ridge Meadows community wide prayer initiative continues.  There are several prayer gatherings scheduled each week to seek God on behalf of our cities.  Check out for many helpful prayer resources and to find a prayer meeting near you.  

Prayer is continuing a conversation that God has started through his Word and his grace, which eventually becomes a fdull encounter with him.”  (Timothy Keller)