Cornerstone is called to impact our world by living and sharing the life of Jesus!  This mission is focused on three aspirations...

  • to be passionate followers of Jesus
  • to be an authentic community of faith
  • to extend God’s grace by disciple making



Currently, there is a working group at Cornerstone that is developing an intentional, progressive pathway of disciple making for our congregation.  We are being helped by our Fellowship Pacific resource team and many great writers on the subject of making disciples who in turn make disciples.



The call to make disciples at Cornerstone is rooted in our mission, vision, and values.  We acknowledge that spiritual growth is a process.  To become a Christ follower means much more than engaging in Christian relationships.  We know that a new follower of Jesus must also learn to serve.  But there is a further stage of spiritual transformation in which the believer enters a deeper level of trust and dependence upon Christ.  Yet there is still there is one more step, which is multiplication - the making of other disciples.



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