The Golden Ears bridge provides us with a stunning spiritual illustration.  God's Good News starts with the sobering reality that sinful disobedience has separated people from relationship with God.  Think of the way the mighty Fraser River forms a physical barrier.

That is why Jesus Christ came to this earth.

He lived a perfect life, died for the sins of humanity, and rose again in victory over death.  Now He freely offers forgiveness to all who recieve it by faith.  Jesus is a bridge to life!

Below are some resources to help you explore a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Examine the Gospel

It is so important to really grasp the Good News about Jesus Christ. Click "The Four" to discover a very simple and straightforward explanation of God’s plan of salvation.  God sent Jesus to be your Saviour.  This online resource will help you see how much Jesus loves you and longs to bring spiritual wholeness to your life.

The Four
Who is Jesus?

We highly recommend reading the Gospel of John, which presents Jesus in a way that invites personal belief and trust in Him.  We would be so pleased to provide you with a copy of John’s Gospel and a self-study guide called “Who Is This Jesus?”  Just click "Send Me Materials" to request your copy.

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