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Disturbia- Uncovering Our Favourite Suburban Idols (Sermon Series)

Some things need to be brought to the surface that we would rather keep hidden. Sometimes, those things stay hidden because, frankly, everyone is doing it so it just seems natural. In suburban culture, there are... Read More


An Opportunity to See God Move in Kids' Lives

This coming year you have the opportunity to join us in sharing God's Word with the children at Cornerstone Neighbourhood Church. Prayerfully consider joining our children's ministry. A growing church has growing... Read More

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Year End Giving Opportunity

Hey Cornerstone Friends. The calendar year is wrapping up in a nice, pretty Christmas bow. Did you know that in some churches, 30% of their giving comes in during the month of December? All year long, you, the good... Read More


An Interview with Pastoral Candidate, Brent Miller

Hi Cornerstone, I asked Brent a few questions over email and his answers were awesome. Take a few minutes and learn more about him by reading this interview! What is your favourite movie of all time? Probably at the... Read More


How Are You Celebrating Reformation Day?

While the actual date of the event is disputed in Eric Metaxas' new book, Luther, October 31 is widely known as the day that Martin Luther posted his history changing 95 Theses to the church door in Wittenburg,... Read More


A Few Updates That Are Making Me Happy

Hello church. 
Greetings from our office at Burnett Fellowship. It's Friday afternoon and we are heading into our third week now following our Fall Kick-Off. I thought that a quick note would allow you to hear some... Read More

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"Kick Off Was A Huge Success"

It was a joy to see such a great crowd at the Presber's house last Sunday afternoon. I saw people reconnecting after a summer of travel. I saw new families meeting new families and new families meeting old families.... Read More


You Are Called to Courage - Our Fall Sermon Series

There are some days when we wake up and wonder if we have appeared in another world. Things seem different and it feels like it happened overnight. How many have felt like we are on the brink of a cultural meltdown?... Read More

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A Meeting that Set the Tone for the School Year!

Last week I sat down at a Starbucks for an early morning meeting. The intensity and excitement that was generated during the next hour got me excited for the coming year at Cornerstone...especially if I was a... Read More


Meet Our Worship Director, Josh Lim

If you have been at church in the past month, you have likely noticed a young firecracker of a leader leading us in worship each week. Josh and his wife Laura joined the Cornerstone community at the beginning of... Read More