Ministry Direction

Ministry Direction

Looking back on our journey...

From the very beginning of Cornerstone Neighbourhood Church there has been a clear purpose.  Our church is called to be and to make fully devoted followers of Jesus, who are fully delighted in Him.  Originally named “Albion Church” the calling of God on our congregation is focused on Albion and the surrounding area.  As we read in Acts 1:8, our calling is primarily local (“our Jerusalem”).  But we are also called to make a spiritual impact regionally (“Judea and Samaria”) and globally (“ends of the earth”) which we can do through strategic ministry partnerships.

Looking ahead to our future…

We see a church of influence in Albion, so unique that it cannot be ignored, so passionate that it will not be confined to a single congregation or community, transforming people’s lives by the power of God.  We see a church that is…

1.   Growing larger and deeper by multiplication, building a healthy home base with a passion to start vibrant churches.

2.   Creating a loving family of God; a place of safety where questions are welcomed and where truth and love are shared.

3.   Lifting genuine worship and prayer that touches heaven and changes lives on earth freeing people to experience God’s best.

4.   Training and equipping leaders to impact their homes, churches, communities and the world.  

5.   Encouraging young adults and young families to have influence and lead our church into the future.

6.   Serving their community through genuine relationships and participation in community life.  

7.   Investing their time, talents and finances to share the Gospel in practical ways with those in need throughout the world; blessing others because we have been so blessed.

8.   Striving to be inclusive - blind to colour, background, race, or status.

9.   Doing life together in small groups that laugh, learn, serve, and support each other.

10.  Believing that their best days are ahead.

Looking out to our purposes...

 The most foundational responsibilities of Jesus’ followers are found in Acts 2.  When the Church was in its infancy, before organizational or relational complications, what was “in focus”?  Acts 2:42-47 tells us there were five essential activities.

1.   Worship  -  In personal and corporate settings, making God the centre of our lives by expressing our love to Him through obedience in both word and deed.

2.   Homes  -  Building caring, supportive friendships in small group ministry where people are nurtured and encouraged to pursue positive life-change.

3.   Outreach  -  Offering the message of hope to those in our community so they can experience life-transformation through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

4.   Learn  -  Learning and developing Christ-like character by being equipped through the teaching of God’s Word so that we will reach our full potential in life.

5.   Equip  -  Releasing trained believers who will multiply themselves by positively impacting others for Jesus Christ.

Looking within to see our values...

There are many Biblical values which shape our ministry but three key values contribute to the culture of Cornerstone.

1.   Dependence  -  Ministry activity must flow from a posture of dependence.  This is a deep sense of need; living utterly dependent upon God.  Only as the Holy Spirit empowers us will our ministry activities bear fruit (John 15:1-11).  We express this dependence primarily through prayer.

2.   Family  -  Jesus has given us the command to love one another in the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:37-40).  Loving relationships are a reflection of God’s love for believers in Christ Jesus (I John 4:9-11) and loving relationships foster evangelism (John 13:35).

3.   Multiply  -  Jesus has given the command to make disciples in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).  We are given the mandate to multiply followers of Jesus Christ who will win and intentionally disciple other followers, who in turn will make other disciples (II Timothy 2:2).


The mission of Cornerstone Neighbourhood Church is focused on three aspirations  -  to be passionate followers of Jesus;  to be an authentic community of faith;  and to extend God’s grace by disciple making.  To these ends…

Cornerstone is called to impact our world

by living and sharing the life of Jesus.